Styling Session
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Styling Session


In this styling session, we’ll get to know you better, do a deep dive into your wardrobe, then create 4 head-to-toe looks using pieces that you haven’t worn. We’ll explore new and creative ways to wear the pieces you currently have.

If there are any gaps here, we’ll figure out how to fill it — by reworking existing pieces, or by introducing thoughtful new additions.

After the session, you’ll get a custom style handbook that’s tailored to you: your colour palette, go-to outfit formulas, a fabric and clothing care guide, and inspiration imagery.


What you’ll get:

  • A deep understanding of your personal style — get dressed quickly and easily every morning, and always have something to wear
  • Make better, conscious choices about new additions to your wardrobe
  • 4 new and creative looks from existing pieces you already own
  • A style handbook that’s tailored to you
  • A curated rack of unreleased vintage pieces handpicked just for you, to choose from during your studio appointment
  • As a bonus: get one of these pieces for free!

This is for you if youre ready to bloom into your best self. You know the power of showing up as your authentic self every single day — and youre ready to transform your relationship with your wardrobe, so you can stop playing small and start making big moves.