Person wearing a green vintage shirt, tied together at the front, and cream vintage trousers in front of a cream backdrop


Shibui transforms what is discarded and forgotten into enduring wardrobe staples, ready to be loved again.

Our collections highlight the beauty that is already right in front of us — the textures, the subtle imperfections, and the stories of secondhand clothes that we might otherwise miss.


We believe in the power of small. Our actions are guided by care for one another. We contribute to mutual aid regularly, and we will always put the planet before profit. We plant a tree for every garment purchased. Track our offsets here.

At its core, Shibui represents a fundamental ideal: the shift from a linear model of consumption to one that is circular.

Linear is the same all the way through. It has a beginning and an end. A limited lifetime. It’s what keeps rolling off the factory line. Unwavering expansion at the expense of the earth.

Circular is different. It’s a never-ending loop. Unlimited, and limitless. Circular is forever.